Community Clean-up Day

Our local community has always hosted an exceptional 4th of July celebration! With the celebration, which include food tents, vendors, games, and a over-the-top fireworks display, comes a messy day-after! Our organization (easily) recruited lots of kids and adults to spend hours (and lots of trash bags) cleaning the local park after a fun celebration. Thank you to Keith Gurley, the chairperson for the July 4th celebration, for allowing us to be the "clean-up crew" this year!

And just like that...

It was weeks before Christmas 2006 and my mom and I realized we hadn't yet chosen a family to support during the holiday. In years past, we had randomly chosen a name from the "giving tree" at church or from our local post office. Well, this year we waited too long. By the time we decided to gather a few names of local children in need, we learned that all kids had been accounted for. While we were certainly glad to see the support of those in our community, we were left with