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Live like Linda...

It's with much sadness in our hearts that we announce that our co-founder, Linda Berg, passed away on June 10, 2018 after enduring complications associated with a year and a half battle with ovarian cancer. She was a bright light in this world and will be missed by so many. Her giving and caring spirit never went unnoticed during her years as a registered nurse (44 years!), wife (married to her high school sweetheart for 47 years!), mother (2 children), grandmother (4 grand-kids who adored her and remember her fondly), sister (3 wonderful siblings who were three of her best friends), daughter (always thankful for her amazing, supportive parents), and friend (countless number of those she loved and who loved her!). Her strong faith carried her through her days on earth and are sure to have guided her to her heavenly home. During this life, she believed in caring for others and was so proud of Bear Hugs and all the lives affected by our humble desire to help. We miss her dearly, but we will keep moving, keep giving, knowing that we are helping so many while making Linda proud.

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