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Honoring a legacy...

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Nick Shipley. Those who knew him can't hold back a smile when they hear his name. He had a way of bringing out the best in people with his infectious smile, vivacious laugh, good looks, and his natural "giving" personality. Sadly, he passed away suddenly on February 14, 2018, leaving a large group of family and friends with a void in their lives. Months later, his family and close friends hosted a golf outing, the first annual "Nick Shipley Charity Golf Tournament" to honor him and to use the energy he so infectiously radiated to help those in need by donating the proceeds to a local charity. For the second year, his family and friends donated 100% of their proceeds to Bear Hugs Giving Foundation! What. An. Honor. Here's to many smiles that will be made by all who benefit from the generosity of Nick's family, in honor of a special man. We are humbled to continue his legacy...

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